Environmental Remediation

In case of brown-field projects, mainly if the previous human project activities are not known in detail, the site may have been subjected to contamination and pollution. Therefore the soil and underground water shall be subjected to laboratory tests and the boundaries of the contaminated area, if any, shall always be defined.

If the soil is contaminated, the affected area may be subjected to environmental remediation. During the environmental remediation process the damage of the groundwater and the geological medium is mitigated and the former or close to original state restored. Further, services utilising groundwater resources are also restored or equivalent services are provided.

The environmental remediation process is started by a fact finding process. To perform this, the following pieces of information are available: maps, aerial photos, site plans and past test results. The previous findings are completed with on-site test results and accredited measurements, by means of which any decontamination may be identified and the boundaries of the decontaminated area may be defined.

The fact finding is followed by arrangements, if necessary, aiming the removal of the contamination or the restoration of the site to its state prior contamination stipulated by the environmental authorities.

In the third phase of the environmental remediation procedure, monitoring activities are performed to analyse and follow up the contaminations based on the environmental remediation procedure.

MVM ERBE Zrt is performing environmental remediation services simultaneously with its design activities, licence application procedures and on-site inspections associated with power engineering projects.

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