Environmental Impact Assessments


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Air pollution base status
Air pollution base status
The riverside of the River Danube
The riverside of the River Danube

The implementation of big projects (specifically power projects) is preceded by a long and detailed permit application process. This process starts with the environmental permit application procedure.

Any additional environmental load caused by a planned development project shall not only be environmentally justified based on the relevant environmental provisions, but shall also comply with the locally existing environmental conditions as a whole.

To assess this, an Environmental Impact Assessment is to be drawn up.

During the relevant load and base state assessment of the site and its vicinity (prior to the start of the development project) the geological medium, the air, the surface and subsurface waters are subjected to quality and quantity analyses. Furthermore, the flora and fauna, the nature and the landscape protection functions as well as the involvement of the man-made built environment shall also be surveyed.

The Assessment covers all environmental elements and systems as well as all project phases (project implementation, plant operation, emergency situations and the decommissioning as well).

Based on the Assessment results, decision is made whether the planned technology needs to be changed.

The summary of the Environmental Impact Assessment includes also the impact areas of the planned activity.

As a result of the above, an assessment may be made that the additional load caused by the planned development project is not only environmentally justified in itself but complies with the locally existing environmental conditions as a whole. If the summarised affects do not exceed the prescribed limit value in respect of any of the factors, the planned development project is deemed approved on the relevant area.

Upon this approval, the Environmental Impact Assessment is drawn up based on the conducted environmental surveys.

The document should include proposals for reducing the environmental impacts and the description of monitoring systems to be used to check environmental loads.

If the project development activities involve or affect NATURA2000 areas, then NATURA2000 impact assessments should also be compiled. The latter is focussed on the survey of biotopes and species present on the territories of the NATURA2000 areas as well as on the assessment of the impacts of the planned activities on these biotopes and species.

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