Environmental Protection

Environmental emissions from the facilities of the thermal and power plant industry may considerably influence the environmental conditions of the affected region, therefore it is an inevitable requirement to use the best available and the more clear technologies by utilising the natural resources economically and causing minimum pollutant emissions.

The main criteria for the design, implementation and refurbishment of power plants, electricity systems and transformer stations are to largely mitigate the loads on environmental elements and systems, to reduce pollutant emissions, to protect the cultivation and forest areas, to increase the use of water treatment technologies using small amounts of biologically decomposing chemicals, thus preventing environmental harms.

In order to maintain sustainable development, MVM ERBE Zrt endeavours to adhere to the environmental criteria and requirements during the performance of complex engineering services and the implementation of power engineering projects, and prefers the use of the best available techniques in order to reduce environmental load, to minimise pollutant emissions, and to eliminate environmental harms.

The main aim of environmental protection is to protect the Earth
The main aim of environmental protection is to protect the Earth

In the field of environmental protection, we provide the following services to our customers:

  • Conductingenvironmentalbasestatesurveys,
  • Drawingup of a detailedanalysis of the air pollutionbasestate,
  • Makingconditionsurvey and characterization of biotopes,
  • ConductinginspectionsinNatura 2000 areas and of priority species,
  • Drawingupenvironmental performance evaluations,
  • Noise modelling,
  • Makingcalculationsaboutspreading air pollutants,
  • Drawingup monitoring systemplans,
  • Performingenvironmentalimpactsurveys
  • Performingenvironmentalinspections,
  • CompilingIntegratedPollution, Prevention and Controldocuments,
  • Conductingenvironmental permit applicationprocedures,
  • Compilingtheenvironmentalchapter of constructionpermits,
  • Compilingtheenvironmentalchapter of as-builtdocuments and usepermits,
  • Monitoring thechangesinthecondition of theenvironment,
  • Providingconsultancyservicesonenvironmental and natureprotection.