Accredited Fields of Testing

Accreditation means an official acknowledgement (e.g. proof and confirmation) that an organisation is capable of and prepared for performing certain activities (e.g.: tests, calibrations, certifications, checks and attestations) according to national and/or international provisions.

Accreditation may be performed by a national accreditation body as an official authority. The accrediting body is authorised (by exclusive right) by the government of the affected country, which ensures the legal conditions to perform the accreditation rights. The accreditation organisations are required to use European and International Standards. In the framework of accreditation, any organisation may apply to be accredited by an independent, national accreditation organisation qualified according to international standards.

The Nuclear Power Plant Quality Inspection Department of our Company was accredited the Quality Management System according to the Standard MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17020:2005.