One of the largest solar power plant in the country completed at Pécs


PhotovoltaicPowerPlant of MVM Hungarowind Ltd. Completedat Pécs. The 10 MW facility is aimedatincreasingtheshare of renewablesourcesindomesticenergyuse. The project has beenimplementedbyusing more than HUF 4 billion of EU and Stateaid. The Pécs solarpowerplant is expectedtoreducethe country’s annualcarbondioxideemissionsbynearly 15,000 tonnes.

The technicaldelivery of thesolarpowerplantestablishedby MVM Hungarowind Ltd. tookplaceafter a successfultrialrun. Withitsinstalledcapacity of 10 MW, thesolarpowerplantcompletedinordertoreducetheelectricitycosts of budgetary and Statebodies is one of thelargestsuchfacilitiesinthe country. The powerplant is expectedto be ableto enter commercialoperationinthefirsthalf of March.

The project aimstofurtherdecreasetherate of fossilenergyuse and, atthesametime, tofurtherreducetheamount of pollutantsemittedin Hungary. The powerplant is expectedtoreducethe country’s annualcarbondioxideemissionsbynearly 15,000 tonnes. (This is theamount of pollutantsthatwould be releasediftheelectricityproducedbythenew Pécs facilityweregeneratedbyfossil-fuelpowerplants.) The photovoltaicpowerplantwassupportedbythe European Union and theHungarianStateby HUF 4,194,533,380 intotal, while MVM Hungarowind Ltd. providedanother HUF 703,220,620 requiredforthe establishment of thepowerplantfromitsownresources.

The photovoltaicpowerplantwasestablishedinthearea of theformer, alreadyabandoned and fullyreclaimedashlagoon of the Pécs ThermalPowerPlant. Withthis, its more than 10 ha of areawasutilisedinthe most environmentallysoundwaypossible. The size of thepowerplant and thecomplexity of implementationarewell show bythefactthat more than 38,000 solarpanels had to be installed, and 260 peoplewereworkingontheirimplementationeverydayinthepeakperiod.

The photovoltaicpowerplant is capable of generating 10.115 million kWh of electricityannuallywithoutanypollutantemissions, at minimum operatingcosts. A specialfeature of thefacility is thatthe 10 MW installedcapacityconsists of eightfields, eachwith a capacity of 1.25 MW, connectedasmodules, and theindividualfieldsarealsoabletoworkindependently.

The design and implementation of thesolarpowerplantwerecarried out bythe MVM OVIT Ltd. and AsiaNet Hungary LLC Consortiumselectedin an openpublicprocurementprocedure and theofficial permit applicationprocedure and thetechnicalinspectionwereperformedby MVM ERBE Ltd.